We have been thinking for some time about writing on matters both related to broadband and some of the work we’re doing, which aren’t really ‘news’ and don’t quite fit with the main thinkbroadband site. So, we decided to set up a blog where we can discuss things in a more relaxed atmosphere, float ideas and express some of our frustrations, whether that’s about broadband issues, some of our users or the technical/political challenges we come across in what we do.

This blog will see a wider range of contributions from short notes on problems we may come across, to longer discussions on items we might be writing about on the main news section of the site. We’ll also want to discuss some of our decisions and thinking about where we’re headed in terms of direction of the site.



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  1. cyberdoyle on 13 Sep 2010

    Looking forward to seeing what happens on the new blog, great idea. It could be a good sounding board for innovation and improvement. Heaven knows we need it. Digitalbritain has been so lucky to have such a great phone network all these years, but now its time to move on, and other countries are laying fibre whilst we are still depending on the old copper to deliver what it physically can’t. If we want to be part of the digital revolution we need to get a move on.

  2. Andrew Knowles on 19 Mar 2011

    Confused about when BT Infinity is coming to your area? Go to http://www.bt.com/infinity and you have 2 choices. The first is “See when it’s available in your area” which tells you when it is due to be enabled in your area (exchange) – mine is due in 2 weeks time. Then there is “Check if you can get BT Infinity” which tells you when it is due to be enabled in your area (cabinet) – mine is not due to be rolled out. A nice BT Sales lady (0800 525 775) explained these definitions of area to me, saying that it can be months before cabinets are ready after the exchange is ready.

  3. Ted on 19 May 2011

    Perhaps BT should make more use of microwave links from exchange to more distant areas.
    My house is located about 6ml from the exchange and the DSL line is subject to considerable speed loss.
    BT appear to have no plans to provide cable/fibre connections to the village.
    A small microwave satellite unit located in our village would provide shorter, and therefore much faster, connections for 800 or so internet users and 1500+ telephone connections than is available over the 6ml Cu link.
    It would also allow other uses of the underground Cu network closer to the exchange, and would save on the cost of laying fibre cabling.
    The main utilities dug up the road to lay new gas and water mains and electricity cables. It would have been simple for fibre optic cables to have been installed at the same time. Why our local council planning department never considered this of I do not know! It was a missed opportunity!

  4. Ted on 19 May 2011

    Why does it take so long for messages to be moderated? There should be a moderator monitoring the channel at all times! At the current rate the message will be out of date and still not moderated before BT get round to installing fibre optic cable in the area.

    • seb on 19 May 2011

      Two hours isn’t that bad :)

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