Thanks to those of you that recently took part in our Twitter and Facebook polls. We first took these polls in early 2010, to see what impact social media had on our visitors. The results were quite staggering! Being a daily social media user, it becomes hard to imagine not having it. I know there will be a few reading this laughing at the dependence on something as material as a social website, but think to yourself, before you start using any bit of technology, you lived without it easily. It’s only after you’ve started using it you wonder how you ever did without, and how it can make life a little easier. There are of course exceptions to the rule (cyber bullying, grooming etc.), but on a general level Facebook and Twitter are another positive way to connect with the world around you.

Question Answer Votes
Do you use twitter? Yes – Every day 16.5%
Yes – At least once a week 3.6%
Yes – Occasionally 12.6%
No 62.8%
What is twitter? 4.5%
How do you use twitter? On my mobile 10%
On my computer 8.5%
On bot my computer & mobile 15.3%
I don’t use twitter 66.2%


Question Answer Votes
How often do you use Facebook? On most days 26.5%
At least once a week 5.0%
Once/twice a month 4.9%
Less than once a month 7.6%
Never? 55.4%
I don’t know? 0.7%

But these results show there are many out there who believe this not to be the case. In fact, as you can see the percentage of people using Facebook has actually decreased by 2%. This statistic may have something to do with the average age range of those using our website not being best known for their love of social media. By contrast the number of people using Twitter has doubled, perhaps a sign of a change in what people are looking for from their social media websites. Although both Twitter and Facebook have flourished on the principle that people are looking to share things with others on the web, their different formats and styles have set them apart from each other. Those who use both will understand that although the basic idea is the same, how they have gone about it is very different.

The polls also show a huge climb in the number of people using social media sites on their mobile devices; maybe the idea of ‘Apps’ is growing on people.


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