Internet service provider AAISP have this morning hit out against BT Wholesale for what they have described as an ‘attitude problem’ in fixing some rural broadband issues. In a post on the AAISP website, they refer to the example of the village of Whitchurch as an example of BT Wholesale’s failure to deal with ‘hot VPs’, a congested link from the local telephone exchange to the back-haul network. The village is said to have only hot VPs, which means severe packet loss and latency in peak usage times, even living close to the exchange.

The article also claims that BT are ignoring the 40 hour repair timescale agreed, and have quoted two months to fix the problem. According AAISP, BT Wholesale may be in danger of ignoring rural broadband customers’ needs in favour of more urban upgrades.

“Our main concern is that BT are just not putting in resources to provide the existing 20CN services properly”

Rev. Adrian Kennard, director of AAISP.

The article goes on to assure any AAISP customers suffering from hot VPs that they are doing everything they can to push BT Wholesale in to action sooner rather than later.

Hayley Mitchell

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  1. vanilla_thunder on 11 Apr 2012

    I switched over from ADSL24 to AAISP when ADSL24 and BT refused to accept that I had a problem with my line, even though I had a download speed of 10kbs. I moved over to AAISP, they managed to get BT out to check the line, get BT to admit that there was a fault on the line, and to get them to fix the problem.


  2. AndrueC on 11 Apr 2012

    Hah. Didn’t Ofcom force BT to drop the price of 20CN in Market 1 exchanges? Supposed to be encourage them to invest in 21CN. More likely it’s just removed the incentive to invest at all.

  3. Johno on 22 Feb 2015

    Code: NESLN exchange in rural village , Internet is useless night time , I used to get faster speeds on the old dial up years ago , BT have a very bad congestion problem night time packet loss , high ping times a complete waste of time !

    • AA-Andrew on 26 Feb 2015

      Hello Johno, are you an AAISP customer? if so, email in, and we’ll raise this with BT… otherwise, contact your ISP. We’ve been dealing with a few congested exchanges recently, but I’m not aware of this one being on the list.
      We have a congestion report at:
      Andrew, AAISP

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