Okay so Cornwall has a higher proportion of FTTP roll-out by Openreach than probably any other county in the UK currently, but it is still a nice surprise to spot the different areas. Newquay is usually best known as a place to go surfing or a place for a hen or stag weekend.

 Catching a FTTP deployment in mid-build and putting these few picture online may help people to identify what they see going on in their area. For example it appears that for FTTP, the blown fibre tubing used is specifically marked as FTTP.

Surfer in sea in Newquay

Spring surfing in Newquay

When in the town back in March we spotted some FTTP overhead infrastructure, there may have been more FTTP in the town but the was the only area we spotted along the South West Coastal Path.

Telegraph pole with fibre tube and manifold

FTTP Overhead Infrastructure

The South West Coastal Path runs down an old railway line and it appears that the FTTP construction in the area is still underway, evidenced by the coils of blown fibre tubing left on other telegraph poles. The picture above also has the fibre tubing and the manifold installed, but given the state of the other FTTP poles in the area we doubt it has the fibres blown through the tube to the manifold. If the service was live and a customer connected you see the fibre drop tube exiting the top of the manifold.

Part completed FTTP roll-out

Telegraph Pole with Blown Fibre Tube

 Zooming in on own of the tube bundles on a pole you can confirm that this is a BT deployment, and not a secret trial by another operator, as the black and yellow tubing is labelled as BT property.Fibre tubing showing owner is BT

The joys of GPS tagging on digital cameras mean you can get a reasonable idea of where these pictures were taken, and avoid the confusion that so often arises when in an area you don’t have intimate knowledge of.

Map of FTTP in Newquay

The advantages of FTTP mean that knowing where it is available could potentially make a big difference to peoples property purchase decisions, but alas for now detailed information on the BT FTTP locations around the UK and even the location of street cabinets is still a closely guarded secret. You can use resources like the BT Wholesale telephone and address checker, but if you were moving to Newquay it would be a long job to check which parts of the town are already offering FTTC and FTTP.

We could arrange a crowd sourcing campaign but with the majority of FTTP infrastructure underground in pavement chambers it would be hard to tell where it was, for now it is only easy to spot in areas with an overhead deployment.

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  1. Rob Beard on 30 Apr 2013

    On the way home this evening I noticed something similar hanging from a telegraph pole in Torquay. I didn’t get chance to stop and check it out properly but the kids said it said fibre on it. I’m going to try and pop past again tomorrow and see if it is actually BT fibre.

    I got a bit excited seeing it as BT are putting FTTC cabinets in Torquay and I’m really hopeful it could be a solution to some of the poor folks who are on long lines (three of my work locations are in the same boat on long lines getting between a whopping 4 Meg and a poor 1 Meg… it’s a little ironic that our newest office being in the centre of a town can get 16Mbit ADSL2+ and 60Mbit FTTC for 3 or 4 staff :-P where as the head office is stuck on 4 Meg… still, it sure is nice to work in the countryside, that kind of makes up for it :-)


  2. Rob (another Rob!) on 04 Jun 2013

    Getting a bit impatient waiting for the availability of FTTP to my area of Newquay (considering the build work seems to be more or less finished), I decided to try and identify some more areas of town where FTTP is actually available further to the two small areas I already knew about.

    I’ve been busy this morning entering various telephone numbers of premises marked on Google Maps, and it appears that the FTTP equipped pole near the bridge shown in Mr Saffrons photo above is now live, although I don’t know how recently that has happened. Entering the number of the Trebarwith Hotel (01637 872288) which is nearby shows they can get FTTP (330/30).

    In case anybody is interested, I’ve managed to find a few cabinet areas which can get FTTP, although strangely not all the premises in a particular cabinet area can get FTTP yet even if their poles have been cabled up and the manifolds fitted.

    Examples below, telephone numbers given are those of business premises (although private numbers are not excluded):

    Cabinet 4 – 01637 872519
    Cabinet 6 – 01637 872391
    Cabinet 9 – Identified by a private address/postcode
    Cabinet 10 – 01637 874543
    Cabinet 36 – 01637 872288
    Cabinet 39 – 01637 851842
    Cabinet 81 – 01637 852252

    The above examples are just the areas I’ve been able to identify so far and there may be other areas. Frustratingly, I’ve not yet found any numbers connected to my own Cabinet 8 even though all the poles have had their manifolds fitted. Cabinet 39 area is adjacent to Cabinet 8 area, and Cabinet 6 area seems to be adjacent to Cabinet 39 area.

    (Another) Rob

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