Last year, we ran our first big broadband survey with over 10,000 UK broadband users taking part, telling us all sorts of interesting things about their broadband provider, Internet use and much more.

We’ll be launching our 2013 survey very soon–It will include some similar questions about broadband providers, but will put more of a focus on how broadband is used, and some of the social issues around this area.

If you have any suggestions on questions you’d like us to include, please drop us an e-mail to [email protected] in the next couple of days, and we’ll consider adding your question.

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  2. Ben Cowell on 02 Dec 2013

    I want fiber, my box is to be activated soon, and PlusNet
    want me to upgrade as special order for ‘being a valued long time customer’ but the only one I could take up is the download but I don’t get past 60GB! I voted for them in PCPROs poll of ISPs
    I was reading about Wireless Nodes/WiMax sounds interesting and some are and running Bristol, London. I’d like to know more!

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