About us

The broadband blog is a space for the team behind thinkbroadband to discuss and comment on both events in the broadband space, as well as other areas we come across in our work to improve the way users understand broadband.

The Authors

Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder

Sebastien Lahtinen is co-founder of thinkbroadband and mainly works behind the scenes shaping the direction of the site, although he is also a frequent contributor on the news section and the forums and is regularly called upon to comment on broadband issues in the media. His experience spans industries with over 10 years of experience writing about broadband and running a web hosting company along with his involvement in an Internet domain registry and an Internet Exchange.

Andrew Ferguson, editor

Andrew Ferguson joined the thinkbroadband team very early on and made his mark as “Doctor Broadband” helping many users solve broadband problems. He is a widely acknowledged expert on broadband and chairs the ISPA Awards judging panel. As regular guest on television and radio programmes when broadband news is breaking and author of many of our news articles, Andrew is often seen as the public face of thinkbroadband. Andrew is also the person responsible for our successful bandwidth meter application.

John Hunt, co-founder

John Hunt co-founded the site has has played a key role in managing many of the operational aspects of the site, including taking the lead on various sections from time to time. John has managed many of the evolutions of our speed testing platform and oversees our hardware review process. He also regularly writes news and looks after the back-end infrastructure such as servers and monitoring systems powering the network and site.

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